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Purchase Icelandic Scallops

The Labrador variety of Icelandic scallop has a naturally sweet flavour and firm texture, making it a hit with diners. Currently, Torngat Fish Co-op is involved in the redevelopment plan of an inshore Icelandic scallop fishery at Nain. Adjacent to the community is a resource of Icelandic scallops and we are looking at the most efficient means of harvesting and processing these scallops.

Once our harvesting and processing plan is complete, we will market individually quick-frozen (IQF) scallop meats, size-graded from 20 to 30, 30 to 40, 40 to 60 and 60 pieces per pound.

For additional information on our Icelandic scallops, please call or visit Torngat Fish Co-op in Happy Valley–Goose Bay and Labrador.


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